Create thumbnails automatically on deploy with Webflow, Parabola and Placid App

Create thumbnail images on the fly

It's a pain to have to go to Canva and create a new blog post/social media thumbnail everytime you publish a new blog post/tweet etc. So we're going to automate the creation of a Blog post thumbnail using Placid App, Parabola and Webflow.

When our Webflow website deploys, we're going to automatically create a thumbnail on the fly.

Intro to stack

  • Review of Webflow CMS
  • Placid App
  • Webflow Webhooks

Parabola Flow: Trigger

  • Create webhook trigger

Parabola Flow: Thumbnail creation

  • Import CMS
  • Filter for speed
  • Create Thumbnail
  • Export to Webflow CMS

Key takeaways

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