Backfill sub data from Airtable (or anywhere else) to Mailchimp

Syncing made easy!

Over a month ago, I livestreamed how to create a no-code marketing referral program inspired by Morning brew. It used Webflow, Memberstack, Airtable. Stephen from implemented it but needed a way to back-fill referral URLs for all of his subscribers which I hadn't thought of at all.

So in this livestream we'll use Parabola to back-fill Mailchimp subscribers from Airtable. Even if you're not a Mailchimp/Airtable user, you can use this livestream to learn how to back-fill and sync data to your system

Intro to stack

  • Review of the referral stack
  • Parabola review

Mailchimp API

  • Review of Mailchimp API in Paw


  • Import Mailchimp & Airtable subs
  • Transform & Call Hashify MD5 API
  • Export mailchimp

Key takeaways

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