Automating Social Media

Automate posting articles on social media


Automatically schedule a tweet sharing an article that you're currently reading in your browser without leaving the page. Fill out your social media posting calendar at a fraction of the effort.

The automation

Sharing your brand's voice on social media is important but when you're trying to keep your business running, sharing on social media quickly falls behind everything else. Hell, I'm barely able to keep an active profile on my personal social media, and all I have to worry about is staying alive and feeding my cat. So in this automation, I show you how to kill two birds with one stone. Odds are, you keep up to date on current affairs in your industry and read the news throughout the day. Why not use that time to automatically share the articles you're reading - along with your take - on your social media?

To do that efficiently, you can use:

  • Buffer, a platform that schedules tweets to be sent later in the day
  • Zapier Push, a chrome extension that saves the URL of the page you're looking at and lets you write your tweet to send later
  • Zapier, that sends the tweet from Zapier Push to Buffer

For the humans who prefer text

Step 1: Zapier Push

Download the Zapier Push Chrome Extension.

Step 2: Zapier Push to Buffer

To configure your Zapier Push, you first have to create the Zap that connects Zapier Push and Buffer in Zapier. The Zapier Push should have one additional field where you'll write out your tweet excluding the URL of the article you're trying to share.

Use this template Zap connecting Zapier Push and Buffer

Step 3: Start Sharing Articles

You're done! Now the hard part of sharing interesting articles…